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Bill's Place is a one of a kind bar. Owned and operated by Bill Schoenadel, a truely one of a kind man. Known as the (unofficial) Mayor of Little Orleans, Bill has been serving drinks and selling goods in his bar / general store for over half a century. Generation after generation return. Tucked way out of the way, Bill's Place attracts all kinds. Anyday of the year you may find a mix of bikers, hunters, fisherman, campers, boy scouts and locals all finding what they were seeking. And if they're lucky Bill will have the time to chew the fat with em'. The food is good and the beer is cold, Bill's Place is a must stop! 

Bill's Garage

  This is the spot to shop! I believe that Robin Jay stocks the coldest beer in the region, not to mention he supplies most all the beer that gets drank during the East Coast Motorcycle Rally. Even the beer we sell on the main event grounds has passed through Robins Chilly beer coolers down in his basement. Other than cold beer Robin Jay and his wife Sue Jay run a top notch business. Nearly anything you may need from gas, cigerettes, bandages, home made pies (really good Home made Pies) chips, snacks and the likes can probably be found some where in their store.
   Then theres a snack shop with counter seating, tables and booths. A good variety on the menu breakfast, lunch and dinner (excelent breakfast) run by a great group of gals that work there %&@'s off keeping up with the huge crowds of bikers and locals that always seem to meet and get to know alittle more about each others lifestyles each year when the East Coast Motorcycle Rally rolls around.
    Also the parking lot has a good selection of vendors including a full selection of the East Coast Motorcycle Rally commemortive items. Our East Coast Motorcycle Rally  Shirts, Hats, Pins, Patches and more. Also new this year you will be able to buy East Coast Motorcycle Rally  admission tickets at our merchandise stand on Belle Groves Parking lot on you way into the Rally. This will make it that much easier to roll through the gate when you arrive. Bands, bike washes, motorcycle stunt shows and more activities all going on during the rally.
Belle Grove Gas and Grocery. 300 yards north after you take the Orleans Rd exit (#68) off of interstate 68.

Gas, beer, food,cigs and things you forgot!
Bands, beer tents and vendors!
Another overlook and good friends.

Old Skool Rules!

One view from Town Hill

Town Hill Overlook.Located on the crest of Town Hill Mountain, this is a breath taking view. Not to mention a very EAST COAST MOTORCYCLE RALLY minded kind of place. You see, the overlook is a part of the TOWNHILL BED AND BREAKFAST. And the owners, Dave and Donna Reusing are motorcyclist ! They go to Bikeweek, Myrtle Beach, been to many Rallys. So they are all for this one. And to make it a success Dave says he'll have Vendors, Beer and Pit Beef right at the overlook during the entire EAST COAST MOTORCYCLE RALLY.  Lots of room for bikes right on the overlook, just 8 scenic miles from Rally Headquarters.  You may want to book a room before they're all gone to !


Snyders Roadkill Cafe a county store, great food and friendly apmoshere. This is the kind of place tucked back in the hills that people know about around the globe! Filled with merchandise, you can shop without leaving your table. And a table's what you want with the extensive      " You kill it ,We grill it " menu. It's to late to get one of thier rentable cabins for EAST COAST STURGIS. They've been sold out, but you can still enjoy the place, complete with a ice cream stand in the parking lot. And don't miss getting a " I made a Hog of Myself at the Roadkill Cafe " T-shirt. Oh yea' they're on the scenic ride route and poker run. You see the Snyders own a harley too! 

Appeltree Inn, one more watering hole in the mountains. Accually the first stop on the scenic rides and poker run to wet your whistle. Once you leave there your'll be climbing over Sideling Hill Mountain.The Appeltree Inn sits alongside Old Route 40. the first national highway, going from the east coast to the west coast. Once a busy stop for many a cross country traveller the Appletree Inn now sits in the shadows of the new interstate 68. Sometimes being off the beaten path is a good thing!

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This is our Swimmin' Hole', bring swimming shoes!

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